Fresh Water.

Wherever there is light & air.

A global challenge:

Availability of drinking water in industrialized and emerging countries.

Although our planet is largely made up of water, only a fraction of it is drinkable or usable for us in everyday life: Only 0.3% of the world’s available water reserves consist of directly usable freshwater.  

Only 0.3% usable freshwater

In emerging countries, clean drinking water from the tap is not a matter of course: 2.3 billion people here have no access to basic sanitary facilities.  

In industrialized countries, too, water supply is a pressing problem: in many places, tap water is not edible or acceptable in taste (e.g., due to chlorine).

Bottled water as an alternative?

In addition, trust in the public infrastructure is often low. This leads to an increased consumption of expensive bottled water.

Adsorbus has developed a system that enables a safe, cost-efficient and robust water supply anywhere in the world: The Waterpanel.

The only requirement:


Obtain perfectly balanced, pure drinking water,
by harnessing the potential of humidity and the power of the sun.

Harnessing humidity

ADSORBUS Waterpanel solar collectors use the power of sunlight to produce pure drinking water from the air.

This works in dry deserts as well as in humid swamps, in hot climates as well as in cold regions.

Preserve drinking water

We simply tap the air: We extract water molecules from the ambient air and convert them into clean, safe, high-quality drinking water using solar energy.

Thanks to globally unique technology, this process works completely without chemical additives, without costly energy supply and without complex infrastructure.

Advantage Adsorbus

Can be used anywhere in the world

High water quality, tasteless

Sustainable in production & operation

Robust, proven technology

No complex infrastructure required

Particularly cost efficient

Goodbye, plastic

Adsorbus eliminates the need for plastic bottles and elaborate water filtration systems – no matter where you are: Our water harvesting works globally, across climate zones, and regardless of the weather.


Hello, drinking water

Adsorbus Waterpanels use the power of the sun to convert water molecules in the air into clean, safe, high-quality drinking water.

This works anywhere in the world, without costly energy supply, without chemical additives and without complex infrastructure.

Proven method.

Innovatively implemented.


A solar collector that converts atmospheric humidity into drinking water (Atmospheric Water Harvesting) is realized by an integrated adsorption process. 

Adsorption refers to the binding of atmospheric moisture in a porous material.

First Step: Adsorption ( Water harvesting)

Second Step: Desorption ( Wasser collecting)

Network-independent operation

Adsorbus technology enables completely mains-independent, decentralized operation. Even at low humidity levels, functionality is maintained. The option for self-assembly helps to minimize costs.

Flexible Scalability

Thanks to flexible scalability, different performance ranges can be implemented with Adsorbus Waterpanels: Small as well as very large systems can be implemented without restrictions.

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