Advantage Clean Tech

Focus on a sustainable future

Highly efficient adsorption technology

Adsorbus develops and produces solutions for two resources that are increasingly in demand worldwide: Cooling and water.

Efficient adsorption cooling

Generate cooling from waste heat

The market for refrigeration technology is characterized by upheaval worldwide: Rising electricity costs and the ban on conventional refrigerants require new solutions and technical approaches.

This is where Adsorbus comes in: Our innovative adsorption chillers, using water as a refrigerant, are not powered by electricity but by free waste heat. Thus, up to 80% of electricity can be saved and the emission of CO2 can be significantly reduced.


Convert humidity into water

Harvesting drinking water

Access to clean drinking and process water is an increasingly pressing global problem: A decentralized, environmentally friendly and at the same time safe drinking water supply exists almost nowhere in the world. 

Adsorbus Waterpanels convert humidity in the ambient air into high-quality drinking water by means of a solar-thermal driven adsorption process – even in areas with low humidity.


Consulting at eye level

Added-value engineering

As engineers with a focus on clean tech energy technologies, we advise companies and organizations on the development of efficient, sustainable solutions.

Know-how for a cleaner tomorrow

Interdisciplinary teamwork

Our experience in the development of adsorption technologies helps us with two of the most important tasks of our time:

  • How can we provide energy-efficient cooling for various applications?

  • How can we improve the supply of drinking water globally?

Together with an international network of interdisciplinary developers, engineers and scientists, we help not only to answer these questions competently, but also to translate them into functional applications that can be used worldwide.